Say hello to the leadership team at Collision Church

Mark Pelfrey - Lead Pastor

Pastor Mark and his wife Angela, founded Collision Church in 2016. With a calling to reach the "unchurched and broken" generation, they started this church at their home. After service in various areas of ministry; some of which included Worship Leader, Youth Pastor, AWANA Leader, Church Treasurer, and Deacon, God was preparing them for the mission He was calling them to.

Here are some facts about Mark and Angela:


1. Voted best hair in highschool

2. I used to lead worship while playing the drums

3. I was captain of my HS football team

4. We once owned 20 animals on our property at one time.

5. I used to be an exterminator 


1. My favorite place is Anna Maria Island, FL

2. I had a hog as an indoor pet

3. I was my HS mascot

4. By the time I am done, I will have homeschooled for 24 years straight.

5. I dropped out of college

Rocky Robey - Next Gen Pastor (NGP)

Rocky serves as NGP and manages our kids ranging from babies through High School. Rocky is the perfect example of who you want for a children's/youth pastor. The desire to see these kids be transformed and truly walk with Jesus surpasses our dreams for these kids. He isn't afraid to get dirty and dig deep to make things entertaining for the kids. From youth retreats to vbs, the fun never ends. When one event ends, he is kicking up plans for the next event. Rocky is a very organized guy and we all like to joke with him about his excel spreadsheets and 3-ring binders. Rocky is one of the most giving people you will ever meet.

So everyone can get to know you more, here are a few things about our NGP!

1. Sushi is my favorite food

2. I've been to 49/50 states

3. I was a flight attendant

4. I love roller coasters

5. I have an Elmo tattoo

6. My real name isn't Rocky but it's what everyone calls me. 

Kortnee Pelfrey - Co-Leader Collision Kids

Kortnee brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Collision Kids. Having served with a nationally recognized children's ministry and leading their worship, she brings tons of energy and passion to Collision. 

Getting to know Kortnee... 

What are 5 fun facts about you? 

1. My red, curly hair used to be blonde and straight!

2. I work at a local family ice cream shop

3. I'm going to college to be an Occupational Therapist Assistant to work with children who have special needs.

4. I've had coconut milk straight from a coconut. My sister and I didn't know it was old until after we drank it!

5. I almost had to get stitches on Christmas one year because my sister decided to cut my thumb with our new scissors because I wanted to use them instead of her. 

Why Collision Kids? 

I love working in children's ministry because we have a unique opportunity to influence these kids at a young age. There is so much thrown at them and we can be a safe place for them and try to steer them in the right direction as they start in life. God calls us to have a childlike faith so if I can help them find their faith in Him as a child then it'll be easier for them to have it when they're older. They can build that foundation now and keep building as they grow up.

Tess Kitsmiller - Co-Leader Collision Kids

Tess loves kids and it shows. She brings excitement and energy to Collision Kids. Tess has 3 children of her own and has been a part of Collision Church since its beginning. Tess also serves on the Collision Worship team. She and her family are a huge asset to our work! 

Here a few fun things about Tess!

1. My all time favorite TV show is the Gilmore Girls. I have watched the entire series about 10 times.

2. I love all things Disney

3. My favorite color is purple

4. I am currently in school to be an Elementary Teacher

5. I have lived in 3 different states. 

Why Collision Kids?

I love being a part of these children's lives and watching them grow in Christ. We are building the foundation for their faith. It's a big job, but the best!